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Facebook buys Snapchat?

Pubblicato da Corrado Sbano in Social Media · 28/10/2013 17:56:23
Tags: SocialMediaFacebookSnapChat

$1 Billion: Facebook seems to have made a monster offer to acquire one of the most popular app to share photos, Snapchat.

The rumor, reported by Mashable, shared by the Wall Street Journal, focuses on how the world's most famous social network intends to carve out a leading role for what concerns the market for photographic content, which has always been one of the most appealing to trigger sharing mechanisms.

After the acquisition of Instagram, this appears to be another move by the Facebook team to transform the social environment in a real container of narratives, encouraging the production of friendly content.

The video posted below shows a summary of SnapChat and its functionality.

click on image to play the video

Facebook: why the visibility of posts has decreased?

Pubblicato da Corrado Sbano in Social Media · 21/10/2013 16:42:46
Tags: FacebookNewsFeedMarketingAlgorithmStrategyFacebookMarketingCocaCola
If you manage a Facebook page you may have noticed that in recent times there has been a drop in the visibility of the posts. What's going on? And how to fix it?

Facebook privacy settings: we can no longer hide your profile from searches

Pubblicato da Corrado Sbano in Social Media · 14/10/2013 15:51:24
Tags: SocialMediaFacebokSearchGraphFacebookPrivacySearchVisibilityPrivacyMarketing
New changes to the privacy settings on Facebook, untill which point are we masters of our information?

Facebook: All privacy settings to be changed before the release of the Facebook Graph Search

Pubblicato da Corrado Sbano in Social Media · 7/10/2013 16:21:36
Tags: SocialMediaFacebookGraphSearchPrivcySettingPrivacyFacebookPrivacy
The means of protecting your privacy on Facebook are there, you just need to know how to use!

Social Media: the world split between Google and Facebook

Pubblicato da Corrado Sbano in Social Media · 4/10/2013 16:10:08
Tags: SocialMediaSocialMediaFacebookGoogleBaiduYahooWebInternetInternetMap
Two researchers from the Oxford Internet Institute, Mark Graham and Stefano De Stabbata, have created a map of the world with the most popular sites on the web, country by country.

Coca-Cola is giving way to Apple to the Olympus of most prestigious Brands

Pubblicato da Corrado Sbano in Survey and Statistics · 3/10/2013 10:59:09
Tags: BrandsBusinessCocaColaAppleIBMGoogleMicrosoft
The news comes from the prestigious consulting firm Interbrand, according to which Apple has dethroned Coca-Cola from his record of world's most expensive brand.

Coca-Cola cede il posto ad Apple nell'Olimpo dei Brands più prestigiosi

Pubblicato da Corrado Sbano in Survey and Statistics · 3/10/2013 10:35:07
Tags: BrandsBusinessCocaColaAppleIBMGoogleMicrosoft
E' di questi giorni la notizia diffusa in rete della stima da parte della prestigiosa società di consulenza Interbrand, secondo la quale Apple ha detronizzato Coca-Cola dal suo primato di Brand più costoso del mondo.

5 reasons why you should activate a social media customer service

Pubblicato da Corrado Sbano in Social Media · 2/10/2013 11:16:44
Tags: SocialMediaSocialMediaCustomerCareCustomerCAreMarketingServicesClientServicesBusinessGrowthSocialMediaROIBrandBrandreputation
In a context such as that of a fast-paced society, it is essential to have quick and effective channels of communication with customers. Social media has responded to this need, and can do so in the field of customer service with immediate benefits for your brand.

Facebook: why our brain loves a "Like"

Pubblicato da Corrado Sbano in Social Media · 30/9/2013 17:32:42
Tags: SocialMediaFacebookSocialNetworkFacebookpsychologyLikeFacebookLikeSocialMediaAddictionobsessivebehavior
A research of the University of Berlin reveals the link between Facebook and addictions

Is Facebook good or bad for love?

Pubblicato da Corrado Sbano in Social Media · 27/9/2013 15:52:33
Tags: SocialMediaFacebookChatSocialMediaPsycologySocialPredictabilityChatrouletteSocialNetworksWazzapp
The academics are studying how digital life on Facebook affects the "analog" life of those who are liviing a love story.
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