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The Web Marketing uses the Internet channels for promotion and sales, as well as communication and customer service. A typical example of Web Marketing is represented by online stores. Among the core competencies of Web Marketing to ensure that there is a Return of Investment (ROI) for all online activities conducted by a company: from the online promotion of the project, to the actions of online promotion to increase brand reputation, to the management of relations with the public through feedback.

Defining your Web Marketing plan involves the following

- What are the objectives to be achieved.
- What is your
How and at what pace the whole strategy is to be developed.
- What
tools to use for the promotion of the site and for its monitoring.
- The definition of a
- What
risks and opportunities you may encounter.

activities that characterize the Web Marketing are:

- Optimization and Positioning (SEO): optimization of the positioning of the company website in the results of search engines
- Search Engine Marketing (SEM): a set of activities to promote the contents of a website and ensure traffic
- PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns: low-cost promotional tool to increase the visibility of a website in search engines
- Banner Campaigns: the use of spaces in web areas to be used for promotional campaigns
- Mentioning: Web2.0 technique that takes advantage of Social Networks as word of mouth to promote image, products and company news

Moreover, the Web Marketing is in support of the traditional advertising and promotional campaigns with its viral action. By Viral Marketing we mean the use of Web 2.0 tools, viral videos, e-mail, to generate more reach among the audience.

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