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SEM (Search Engine Marketing), is not very different from the concept of traditional marketing. The purpose of SEM is indeed to generate traffic to a particular website by visitors really interested in its contents.
Its goals coincide with those of Web Marketing to the point of becoming one of its instrument, responding to the need to identify and perform certain actions on the search engines.

We use SEM for :

Online Benchmarking: to study the competitive search engine optimization (both in terms of saturation of the channel in terms of quality of the messages / content offered)

Online Branding: for increasing Brand Notoriety (brand awareness) through the control of search engine results

Brand monitoring: monitoring the satisfaction of a Brand in the results of search engines

Database building: creating a database to conduct more marketing activities

Lead generation: creating databases of highly qualified and motivated contacts, highly interested to purchase, strating from the results of the search engines

Direct Sales: a service of E-commerce conducted through the search engines and price comparison engines (vertical engines)

Online customer support: online customer services (i.e. presentation on the engines of the user manuals of the marketed products)

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