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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is a web marketing tool used to increase the number of visitors to your website through the payment in proportion to the clicks made on that link (also known as CTR - click-through rate), or only when a user actually clicks on your advertisement. In other words, users have direct access to a web site through the clicks on your paid ad.
An example of pay per click advertising is the "keyword advertising" - which are sponsored ads that appear alongside the results "pure" (i.e. those visible on the left side) of the search engines (eg. Google and Yahoo!).

Main objective of a good PPC campaign is to generate a high-quality flow of visitors who are really interested in the content related to your website. Advertising campaigns on Facebook (Facebook advertising) is another tool that allows effectively the targeting of a specific group of users according to age, sex, residence, place of work, education, relationship, interests and other keywords. The advantages of this form of advertising are numerous and allows us to optimize investment.

Why should I conduct a PPC advertising campaign?

According to statistics, 90% of online searches are done through search engines. A PPC campaign created and managed professionally tends to increase the quality of the flow of visitors and the selling rate of at least 25%. PPC ads are able to meet the needs of users and be highlighted in the results of search engines.

The pay per click campaigns should be considered as complementary tools to optimization SEO (Search Engine Optimization), for a good search engine marketing SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, etc..).

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