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Personal Branding


“Personal Branding is the process trough which an individual or company stand out in a unique and recognizable image, creating a brand -which strongly reflects a mission, a sharing of values and their own style of communication. Success is determined by the level of consistency that exists between the values of characterization of the profile and those actually offered and shared through their work.”

                                                                                                    Robin Good

According to Tom Peters, american Marketing guru, Personal Branding focuses on three fundamental principles:

the enhancement of our skills and attitudes which represent a value on the market.

Visibility: the exclusivity of our image, after emerging from communication strategies both online and offline

Positioning and Networking: be present and open to dialogue. Establish a network of contacts to interact with, keeping in line with our profile.

On this basis, let's identify some key points on which to build our strategy of Personal Branding:

Set your objectives

- Who are you professionally?
- Who do you want to become?
- How to make tangible your talent?
- How do you promote yourself?
- By what means?

Set Your Personal Marketing strategy

- Define your talents
- Analyze your opportunities
- Define your positioning in the market
- Create your own personal SWOT analysis.

Choose your image

- Are your image and your goals congruent?
- Your Personal Brand is the way everyone will see you. Create your self-packaging in unique and creative ways.
- Your photo, your logo, your page on social media. Create your appeal around your personal image.
- Your name is crucial. Personal Branding starts from business cards, to the online and offline communications.
- Your Brand should be in line with all the means you use to communicate. Create a Media Kit

Use PR2.0 tools at its best

- How do you communicate your brand?
- Which online and offline media will you use to promote your brand?
- Optimize your Business Networking
- Social Media: learn about how do they work.
- What are their characteristics?
- How to interface them to optimize our communication?

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