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About me

I was born in Naples May 28, 1970.

My adventure begins at the age of 23 -back in 1993 when, after attending the Faculty of
Political Science at the University of Naples "Federico II", I was asked to participate to a business project based in Sana'a - Republic of Yemen .
Thus was born the
Yemital - Yemen Italian Alluminum Co., to which I gave my contribution for the next three years, until June 1996.

From that date, I moved to the
State of Kuwait, still marked by the dramatic moments of its occupation by Iraq.
Kuwait, with its many business opportunities, allowed me to participate in many projects, alongside leading figures in the media business of the GCC countries, whom I still consider my mentors over the years for what turned out to be my real passion: Marketing and Communication.

Starting from the bottom, with humility, commitment and a bit of ambition, today I have under my records the management of various projects in the GCC ranging from Product Branding to Outdoor-Media, from Sports Marketing to Airport Media, up to the Business Development on behalf of a Holding Company consisting of 10 associated micro-enterprises. I have also written several articles related to Media & Advertising upon request of
ArabAD, a monthly magazine of the sector, distributed in all major advertising agencies and MBU present in the whole area of the Middle East.

Internet has changed my life. Since
2006, with the advent of Web 2.0 and Social Medias, part of my attention has been paid to the growing importance that web plays in the context of corporate communication and branding, untill becoming a very powerful tool that complements traditional media. I attended courses and seminars on the topic of Non-Conventional Marketing and Management of Corporate Communication through the channels of the web, putting them directly into practice through the activities of the companies I've worked for.

2012 I live in Italy and I'm dealing mainly with freelance Web Marketing consulting for Italian and foreign companies that have the need to develop new markets, with a particular focus on the Middle East as fertile ground for their Brand.

Corrado Sbano 2.0 born from the idea to gather content on the topics of Web Marketing, Social Media and Personal Branding in order to be shared on the network, as well as a point of reference as part of my profession.

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